Now Officially Enabled Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Upgrades


Techno, Intuisi Blog – It’s now possible to update from Ubuntu 24.04 LTS from previous versions, with the normal GUI updater. No command line developer flag is required.

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS launched on April 25, However, the distro’s developers put off straight upgrades to the latest version because of problems, with one of them being quite severe. However, while those bugs don’t impact all users (lots of users who did their upgrades by hand using the command line did it successfully) the possibility of risk existed.

With those issues resolved, one hopes! Canonical has allowed upgrades to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS on the Noble Numbat by incorporating Ubuntu 24.04 LTS to the meta-release files that allows earlier versions of this distro are able to probe for a confirmation that a new version is in the works.

You may be wondering why those using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS need to remain in August?

The truth is, Ubuntu LTS to LTS upgrade is normally only available when the initial point release of the brand newly released LTS series is released that for this version will be Ubuntu 24.04.1 LTS released on August 15.

The default setting is that the as per the default configuration, an LTS release is only checked for new upgrades LTS releases. They are included in the meta-release-lts file. While Ubuntu 24.04 is an updated LTS release, it’s not yet included in the file until after the initial point release.

Update Ubuntu 24.04

If you want to update from Ubuntu 24.04 LTS from 22.04 LTS before August, you’ll have to turn the switch on the Updates tab within the Software and Updates tool to “for any update’. that will be followed by a query to the meta-release files for regular versions and not the LTS one.

(Side note: If you choose to go down this route, remember to set the option back to “for LTS Versions only’ after your upgrade is completed. If not, you’ll be asked for an upgrade Ubuntu 24.10 ).

If you’re using Ubuntu 23.10 Mantic Minotaur, there’s nothing that you have to do aside from waiting until the upgrade prompt show up (not necessarily that you should rush to do so, as Ubuntu 23.10 support is scheduled to end on July 1st).

If you’ve been waiting for a formal approval before you make the leap into the Noble Numbat it’s now time to upgrade Be sure to post a comment letting me (and other users) know what you think.

Before upgrading, make sure you back up any important settings or files prior to upgrading — in case of need!

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