Steam Has Added 7 New Free Games That You Can Keep and Download This June


Game Zone, Intuisi Blog – Steam is the PC gaming store of choice for many, and June brings with it a slew of freebies. Seven games are available to download for free this month. And one is on sale to celebrate Pride.

Steam is always giving away free games and this can be a fantastic way to add more titles to your library.

Steam freebies for June’s Pride month

First up, to celebrate Pride and everything LGBT+ we have Tell Me Why, which is reduced to zero money and can be added directly to your library now.

This narrative journey from DONTNOD takes you through a supernatural story of twins looking to reveal secrets from their troubled past.

‘The Werecleaner will have a derpy wolf waiting for your arrival. You play the werewolf janitor, who works the nightshift and has to clean up the police officer and not kill or eat anyone.

Crimson Hell, a survival horror filled with puzzles that a journalism student has to survive. Retro graphics make it look grimy and gritty, which is perfect for a scary story.

Revived follows, a idle roguelike in which you can switch between battles with monsters or running a tiny settlement. The game feels nostalgic and full of charm.

The Cult of the Elizabeth will appeal to those who enjoy a tower-defence challenge. Play this strategy game with your friend or on your own.

Clash for Crust, a multi-player party game in which each player controls a seagull to fight over the crusts of bread as they do. The game is chaotic, silly and perfect for spending a fun night with your friends.

The last free game available is Chess. This is just, Chess. Free Chess lets you play chess however you want. Free? (Have you heard enough about free?)

You can play with other players around the world using the physics simulator. Your chess set will always look beautiful, with various themes and settings. Bring the action to a new level by inviting multiple friends. Play according to your rules!

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