Sarinrat Thomas is astonished to learn that How to Make Millions Before Grandma Die is a bestseller in Indonesia


Movies, Intuisi Blog – The 8th day of its screening the Thai film How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies sold well in Indonesian cinemas. The film, which evokes the viewer feel mixed, has been watched by 800,000 people.

Based on the account @cinepoint the film drew 795,732 viewers. The film, which had the initial title Lahn Mah, is the most watched Thai film to be seen in Indonesia.

Sarinrat Thomas who portrays Chew Amah’s daughter in the movie How To Make Millions Before Grandma Died, has said that she was thrilled at the response she received from the film’s fans in Indonesia. The film was not something he had hoped for to receive a positive response.

How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies Responds

“Hello Indonesia …. I am very surprised, I am happy that you like the film How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies. I want to say, every message sent to me, I have read them all. Please continue to support us,” wrote Sarinrat Thomas in the letter received on the day before (24/5/2024).

“Thank you to KlikFilm for contacting me, which gave me another opportunity to talk to the Indonesian audience. Thank you for sending a lot of love,” the actor continued.

This article has received over 700 thousand views, and over 600 reposts.

“The first time I thought about making SukareLahnMah was because I saw the enthusiasm of friends in Indonesia, especially Billkin (Pingus) fans. Everyone was enthusiastic about enlivening LAHN MAH on social media voluntarily. They were willing to be called buzzers by other people,” stated Habibie admin of the Twitter account @habisnontonfilm.

“The motivation is so that the film Lahn Mah (How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies) can be released in all cinemas in all cities in Indonesia. Including in the city where only a few Mintons (the term for admins after watching films) remain,” said the official. explained.

This movie focuses on the interactions between the grandmother, popularly referred to Amah (Taew Usa Samekham) and her son M (Billkin Puthipong). The first time M did not seem to like Amah however, when the cousin took the place of his grandfather, and also being awarded the inheritance, M’s view quickly transformed.

M is determined to look after Amah. Her reluctance to tolerate Amah’s humorous behaviour makes me angry. But, while the show initially was able to make you feel sick because it didn’t cease to entertain and the emotions of the crowd kept changing.

Pat Boonnitipa, director and scriptwriter turns the humor atmosphere to life. He was the person who is the reason for the success in the films Bad Jenius, Frozen Hormones and #HATETAG.

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