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Game Zone, Intuisi Blog – As the launch of Version 2.0 nearing, a variety of Honkai Star Rail leaks regarding new characters are appearing online. Recently, a blog post on X from a well-known leaker named Dimbreath revealed the forthcoming character’s outfit. Based on this Honkai Star Rail leak, Acheron will be a part of the Path of Nihility and specialize in dealing damage and debuffs at the same time.

Honkai Star Rail leaks detail Acheron’s kit

In an Honkai Star Rail leak through a leak of Honkai Star Rail X, reliable third-party sources Dimbreath disclosed the coming character’s Acheron’s design. Below is a list of the kit leaked by Acheron:

  • The basic ATK The attack can be unleashed at one individual target. The target receives a single flower.
  • Skills: Launches an attack at adversaries who are adjacent. This attack’s target gets two blooms.
  • Ultimate Acheron reduces damageRES for all enemies throughout the duration of the power. All attacks during this ultimate is able to ignore weaknesses of the opponent. Acheron quickly executes four distinct actions:
  1. Action 1: Executes a two-hit attack against the opponent with the highest number of flowers. It reduces their number of flower petals by three. Acheron unleashes the Area of Effect (AoE) attack that causes harm in proportion to the number of flowers reduced.
  2. Second action: Executes a three-hit attack against the opponent with the highest number of flowers, and reduces the number of flowers they have by three. Acheron initiates the AoE (Area of Impact) attack that deals damages based on the amount of flowers it decreased.
  3. Third action: Launches a one-hit attack on opponents who have the highest number of flowers, and reduces the number of flowers they have by three. Acheron launches the AoE (Area Of Effect) attack that deals damages based on the amount of flowers decreased.
  4. Fourth action: Unleashes a two-hit attack against every enemy in the battle.
  • Ability: Acheron starts the battle without flowers she is unable to use or get energy. If an opponent is defeated the flowers of their opponents will be handed over to the person who has the largest amount of flowers. The moves she uses use flowers on opponents. If Acheron is the one with the highest number of flowers she has She can make use of her greatest power.
  • Method: Upon entering battle, Acheron inflicts flowers on the opponent with the highest rank and then unleashes an AoE attack against all enemies.

The Acheron’s Ascensions as well as Eidolons are explained in the following sections:


  • Ascension Two: After engaging in fight, Acheron inflicts flowers on the strongest opponent.
  • Ascension 4: Acheron’s damages will rise when she is paired with a friend who’s following the Nihility Path. If there are two team members who belong to those who are on the Nihility Path, her damage will increase dramatically.
  • Sixth Ascension: Acheron obtains a damage boost for a certain number of turn when a flower is employed during her ultimate.


  • Eidolon one In the event that an adversary gets a debuff Acheron’s ATK and Rates increases. The effect is stacked.
  • Eidolon 2. lowers the requirements for Nihility of Ascension 4x. The moment Acheron starts his turn, the player with the highest amount of flowers gets another.
  • Eidolon 4. The moment you begin the final phase attack, enemies are given the debuff to increase the damage they take over a set amount of turns.
  • Eidolon 6: Acheron’s Basic ATK and Skill is considered her ultimate. Her ultimate gets CRIT DMG increase.
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