PS4 Jailbreak Status: Firmwares 11.02, 11.50 and Above


Game Zone, Intuisi Blog – The new release of the PPPwn exploit targeted at PS4s running Firmwares 11.00 including, there is a tiny but expanding amount of users don’t have access to an PS4 Jailbreak. For instance, those who are using firmwares 11.02 and 11.50 and any firmware that could be coming following that.

The short version: buying a second-hand PS4 that runs Firmwares 11.00 or less is your best choice. There are vulnerabilities for Firmwares 11.02 as well as 11.50 (such like M4stic0re) but they’re limited to their application. Reverting the firmwares on your PS4 to an earlier firmwares may be possible dependent on the situation, however it is extremely difficult and is not recommended. A new jailbreak release that runs on 11.02/11.50 will not be released anytime soon.

PS4 Jailbreak Status – The latest situation Firmwares

The newest and most powerful PS4 Jailbreak uses that of the PPPwn exploit which was announced at the end of May in 2024 that is targeted at Firmwares that are up to 11.00 with it depending upon your firmware version, you may prefer using earlier exploits. There are a lot of applications and games made by homebrew are available for this exploit, which includes the the well-known GoldHEN, a custom Firmware. Firmware 11.00 is old enough that it’s still relatively easy to acquire an exploitable console for the price you can afford.

However, there’s an increase of users stuck with recent versions of firmware 11.02 and 11.50 inquiring about what’s to come to the firmware they’re stuck on.

There’s currently no known kernel exploit that works with firmware 11.02 or higher and beyond, or discussions on the possibility of a new release. Your best bet, in the event that you want to Jailbreak your PS4 and you want to do so, is to purchase an PS4 operating firmware 11.00 or lower currently eBay is your best bet. I once recommended bundles with particular PS4 firmware versions, however currently, at this stage in its lifespan it is more likely to succeed finding a second hand PS4 11.00 instead of looking for a brand replacement, because they were out of supply since a long time. This is a comprehensive piece here about how you can get an unusable PS4 with a decent cost.

In short this, the PPPwn exploit is still so new that I doubt that there will be any news for 11.02 or 11.50 within months, and most likely, in the coming the next few years in the event that history serves as an evidence.

In the end in the case of firmwares that have recently been released, the Mast1c0re Exploit is an exploit that makes use of the flaw found in PS2 remakes such as Okage Shadow King as well as is compatible with the PS4. It is possible to use it on any firmware from 11.50 with the current firmware but as of the writing time it appears that the official Github offers only ports all the way to 10.50. The exploit doesn’t constitute one that’s a Kernel exploit, and isn’t Jailbreak. However, it permits you to use PS2 Iso and PS2 Homebrew on the PS4.

However, the shortcomings of Mast1c0re could be frustrating to users using firmware 11.02/11.50 or greater that are expecting a fully complete jailbreak. If you have a lower firmware but can’t purchase a 11.00 PS4, there are two rules that you need be following: 1)) patience, and 2)) avoid updating your PS4.

What do you think of PS4 11.02/11.50 downgrade Firmware?

It’s feasible, however hard to change to a PS4’s present firmware to the Firmware version that was installed previously on it. This is a safeguard that is built inside PS4’s PS4 System, designed to restore the firmware to its previous version when an upgrade mess things in the process of installation. So if you’re running 11.02 it’s almost sure to be able get back to 11.00 or less. If you’re at 11.50 However, this essentially is dependent on whether you put in 11.02 within the timeframe between 11.00 between 11.00 and 11.50.

This revert process isn’t for those who are weak of heart and will require the use of some soldering and hardware skills. In the past If you’re not interested in this learning experience the best option is to invest in a exploitable console (see earlier). If you’re still interested, some details on the reverting process can be found on this page. Revert of the PS4 to any alternative firmware is an option when you’ve got an proper backup. Getting this backup is a process that involves soldering however, let’s say that if there was the backup and you didn’t, then you’d not read this blog post.

PS4 11.02/11.50 Jailbreak? Patience

The key to patience is looking forward to an PS4 Jailbreak. Like I’ve said before that the time between jailbreaks is approximately 9 months. However, it’s been as short as 4 months and as long as two years previously. The period between 9.00 to 11.00 Jailbreaks lasted for two years and half! It’s not a guarantee that the limit will not be violated.

With no news of any significance in the exploits front it’s impossible to know the length of time it will be until the next exploit.

In order to “Jailbreak” a PS4, there are two methods to do so: First, a “usermode” exploit, which allows you to execute unsigned code over information that you the control over as an PS4 user. A second one is an exploit for privilege escalation which is sometimes referred to a kernel exploit. It allows you to have more control over the console, and allows items like Homebrew ENablers and “in-RAM” Custom firmwares. Notably that it is notable that the PPPwn exploit that was released for 11.00 went straight to the kernel exploit, however this is still considered as an exclusion.

PS4 11.02/11.50 Status of Jailbreak

Usermode exploit – Yellow

The best part for those stuck on firmwares with higher versions is that we are still aware about a possible vulnerability that users have to exploit with the firmwares that are on this list:

With every firmware up to 11.50 included, the Mast1c0re hack can be a ideal starting point for future hacks. The main drawback is that you need to purchase this Okage Shadow King PS2 game on the PSN. To do this it is necessary to have the most recent firmware when you’re looking to purchase it and it’s difficult to determine whether it’s a good idea to change or not. It’s especially so since it seems that the vulnerability isn’t being ported to firmware 10.50 at the moment, according to my information.

Kernel exploit – Red

There’s no debate on the horizon concerning the possibility of a “new” kernel exploit, or any other firmware. The reputable hackers has revealed any “hint” of anything that is kept secret currently. This doesn’t mean that there’s not any activity happening behind the scenes however it does suggest that users should wait for the right time.

In general, hackers try to “time” their releases in an order that they don’t feel inefficient. In most cases, they hold off until a particular firmware patch has been made prior to releasing the vulnerability.

Waiting for a PS4 Jailbreak? Don’t update your PS4!

If there isn’t a security flaw discovered within the PS4 or a PS4 Jailbreak is discovered, the PS4 Jailbreak realm is bound to be a game of cat and mouse among Sony and hacker. Kernel vulnerabilities will be patched immediately after they’re published (and in some cases, before they’re released) so that if you’re keeping your PS4 current with the most current firmware, you’re likely to never have the ability to jailbreak your console.

Keep your PS4 running as minimal a firmware as it can be is almost a requirement for Jailbreak. The device has a number of drawbacks including the inability to connect to any internet-based service from the console, such as online gaming. However, it’s an excellent alternative.

Conclusion – PS4 11.50 Jailbreak ETA Wen?

Firmwares from 11.50 remain vulnerable to one vulnerability in user mode that is known as The Mast1c0re exploit.

My personal hopes are low of seeing anything happening from the kernel end in the range of 11.50 over a long period of time.

Particularly, no kernel vulnerability is being discussed publicly let even discussions on the possibility of a new release as when this article was written, which means the likelihood of a brand forthcoming PS4 Jailbreak “soon” is highly unlikely. Users running these firmwares must be prepared to wait for a few months to get their hands on a new one, or get a second-hand 11.00 PS4.

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