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How to, Intuisi Blog – As the most well-known instant messaging service worldwide, WhatsApp plays a vital part in the lives of people keeping in contact with your relatives, friends as well as local business. If you switch from one app to another, or switch between apps or conversations on your either your desktop or mobile device and accidently erase WhatsApp messages. The company owned by Facebook has a simple technique to delete messages on the iPhone, Android or desktop.

WhatsApp provides two choices to delete messages within a chat. You can either delete it to everyone, or delete the message from your conversation only. The latter option is accessible up to two days from the date you posted a message. It isn’t possible to recall messages you erased for all.

Support for devices to WhatsApp Undo function

Undeleting the deleted WhatsApp message is accessible on Android, iPhone, and WhatsApp web. The company has also released desktop versions that work on Mac as well as Windows However, it isn’t possible to delete deleted messages from the apps.

Undelete an WhatsApp message using Android

Let’s begin with WhatsApp on Android. Follow these steps to delete an WhatsApp message from Android.

  1. Join a chat within WhatsApp.
  2. You can long-tap a message you wish to erase.
  3. Find a small image at the bottom of the page after you accidentally delete a message by using the “Delete for Me” option.
  4. Press Undo then the deleted message will appear within the chat message.

If you erase multiple messages in a row by using the same method Undo will revert to the original text deleted from the chat. Similar trick applies to other types of media like pictures or videos as well as documents.

Undo a deleted WhatsApp message on iPhone

How to delete the message WhatsApp message is nearly identical to the Android method. The iOS version is a completely different user interface. Follow the steps in this article.

  1. Open WhatsApp using your iPhone and start a chat.
  2. Then, long-tap a message. choose delete.
  3. Press the radio button to play different messages.
  4. Click to the delete button located in the lower left corner.
  5. Click the Delete button on the lower menu.
  6. Look at a tiny display on the end. Press to undo to recover your previously deleted messages.

Undelete an WhatsApp message that is displayed on your desktop

It is possible to restore deleted WhatsApp messages is not available on the desktop applications. If you are using WhatsApp via the internet or one of the other web-based Windows or Mac applications, you can follow these steps to delete messages.

  1. Open WhatsApp from the desktop. Select the conversation.
  2. Move the cursor over an email and then click on the down arrow. Select Delete.
  3. Click Delete for me.
  4. Once you’ve realized your mistake and realize it, you can see an advertisement located in the lower left corner. Select Reset, and you are in good shape.

Undelete WhatsApp messages

The option of reversing deleted WhatsApp messages and other media can be useful but the feature isn’t perfect.

  • WhatsApp provides you with around five minutes to erase deleted messages. If you don’t see the lower pop-up window and you don’t remember the messages you sent.
  • If you delete a text message but accidentally switch back on your WhatsApp page home, the message to revert your actions appears on your home screen. Be sure to take action before the message is deleted.
  • You are able to erase deleted WhatsApp messages that are part of group conversations.
  • If you delete an entire set of messages in WhatsApp it is impossible to undelete one particular message. WhatsApp will revert all of your messages.

Utilize third-party applications to erase WhatsApp messages

There are a myriad of applications from third parties to handle your WhatsApp messages. The apps allow you to erase an unread WhatsApp message. It is necessary to connect the phone to a PC or Mac and follow these steps to restore deleted messages.

Be cautious when using these non-official WhatsApp management apps. These apps may not function according to their claims. Make sure you take the claims made by them with a grain of salt. We suggest using software with a money back warranty.

Tips: Back up your WhatsApp chats frequently

Make backups of your WhatsApp messages at regular intervals. So, you don’t lose your WhatsApp messages whenever you switch between platforms. Backup your WhatsApp messages onto Google Drive on Android and iCloud on iPhone. Navigate to Settings> Chats ChatsChat Backup Check the size of your backup, select an auto backup period including or excluding videos. Then, select Back Up.

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