Resident Evil 9 Should Break 3 Franchise Traditions of Majority

Game Zone, Intuisi BlogResident Evil has enjoyed years of success ever since what can be called the most iconic survival horror franchise’s “modern time,” which many point at having started with the release of 2017’s Resident Evil 7. Following the time that RE4 changed the game in 2005 (and the general design of games in the course of it). Resident Evil seemed set to keep sweeping the terror world. The majority of the fans thought it was a failure in its subsequent entries, RE5 and RE6 that veered away from slow-burning horror that was the norm and adopted the flamboyant, over-the-top action trend that was a staple of the world of gaming during the time.

Capcom returned to the drawing boards in an attempt to revive Resident Evil. RE7 represented a significant change back to the roots of the game and a return to the feeling of powerlessness by reducing the scale and scope, as well as introducing a typical protagonist. Then, with the fantastic RE 2 remake as well as the Village, RE’s reinvention was completed. It’s back to the top of its game with a new title to come out. It’s an excellent occasion to allow Capcom to develop RE yet once more by defying old-fashioned standards for long-time play.

3 Big Series Traditions Resident Evil 9 should break

The Resident Evil’s previous tradition breaks

It wouldn’t be out of the realms of possibilities to Capcom to defy expectations once more with RE9. RE has previously experimented in a variety of ways to alter its elements. Among the most noteworthy include:

  • RE4‘s adoption of an over-the-shoulder-camera angle
  • RE5‘s focus on a co-op/AI partner system
  • Revelations 2‘s episodic release structure
  • RE7 and Village‘s switch to a first-person view

Scrap Laboratory Levels

The most common elements In the RE games is lab levels underground are generally accepted. Although it was initially thought to have been an exciting reveal and thrilling to uncover an undiscovered laboratory in a lavish mansion linked to an extensive sewer system, the laboratory is now seen by many fans as an unsatisfactory aspect of several titles.

Change Timing Periods

RE plots generally take place within the current timeframe of their release, leading players through urban areas or decaying estates. However, there are a lot of settings that aren’t explored, especially in different time periods, which RE9 might shift into instead. Actually, RE Village’s strongly fantasy elements that are reminiscent of medieval may be one of many possibilities. Capcom might decide to go the entire series and put the RE9 universe in the in the past, or perhaps far into the into the future. It is not averse to allowing its creators to explain the jarring or drastic adjustments, and can easily be able to justify setting it in a different time period.

Ditch Science Fiction, Embrace the Supernatural

The Umbrella Corp. has been the core element in RE since the very beginning as well as its sci-fi elements of viruses mutating to be the source of their monsters has been at the heart of nearly every game. However, with RE Village leaning more into the dark folklore/supernatural side of horror, as well as Lovecraftian-inspired games generally being on the rise recently, RE is perfectly poised to tackle paranormal or Eldritch creatures next. The game will be able to maintain the eerie, unsettling antagonist style and the ambiance that it is known for, while also avoiding the cliché of the same corrupt business that has yet to release a shady scientific experiment that went wrong.

Although there’s a delicate distinction for every franchise to distinguish between advancement and the possibility of losing its identity should there are any speculations regarding RE9 are true they could be setting towards moving forward significantly. Fans are eagerly awaiting their next RE one, we’re hoping that it’ll be able to stand again through its continued experimentation, but retaining the underlying values that are the foundation of its ethos.

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