Five Fresh Steam Games You May Have Did not Know About April 15th, 2024

Games, Intuisi Blog – Every day, around 12 games are added to Steam. We think this is positive but it’s difficult to keep up. Some of the most intriguing gems are bound to get lost among the flood of brand games to try If you don’t go through each one of the games that are made available through Steam. This is exactly that’s what we’ve done. If you don’t find anything that catches your eye this week, we’ve put together the most popular games for PC to play this moment and an ongoing listing of 2024 titles coming out in the coming year.


Steam Page Launch: April 10
Developer: Pastaspace Interactive

Underspace is the “spiritual successor” to Freelancer which was a space trading sim developed by Chris Roberts of Wing Commander and Star Citizen fame. It is, however, a game that Underspace is a cosmic horror that adds flavor: If the ship-on-ship battles of Elite Dangerous strikes you as dull, you should explore the grotesque creatures within Underspace as they weave and weave through spaces like it is that’s inside Thumper. There are 114 star systems across the midst of which are these monsters However, you’ll never be fighting the monsters: this is, in fact, a space-based RPG. So you can expect a lot of contemplative exploration craft, ship-building, political machinations between factions, and much more. This is an Early Access affair: development will take “approximately a year” with the addition of more content and polish to the cards.

Incursion Red River

Steam page
Release: April 11
Developer: Games of Tomorrow

The game is tactical, focused on careful PvE maneuvering, and that’s the most important thing the game has there is no PvP. This is great news if you are a fan of games such as Escape from Tarkov but fail horribly in actual play. It’s set in an alternate Vietnam that is ravaged by civil war, groups consisting of four or more players sign contracts that are distributed by three private military firms, equipped using a range of devices and loadouts to think about. This is an Early Access game, and the development process will last for another two years to complete, but it appears there’s many things to think about already. And, it’s also able to be played by yourself as well.


The Game of Sisyphus

Steam’s page
Release: April 12
Developers: Cream

Like the title suggests, this is a game where you roll the boulder of an apparently infinite mountain. This isn’t just any mountain as this one is strewn with hazards that include cactuses, spikes as well as a distorted geometry If you’re unable to maintain control over the ball you’re now able to get moving and downhill, buddy. The obvious thing to know is the fact that The Game of Sisyphus is an, in the absence of more descriptive words an homage to Foddy one. If you resented getting Over It With Bennett Foddy as well as Jump King and Jump King, then you’ll be averse to this. It’s downloading me a lot of hate while I write.

Outside the Door

Steam page
Release: April 10
Developer: basandaika games

This week’s most exciting visually appealing novel takes place in a workplace that the protagonist must be able to listen to strange monologues, and then make hard decisions to make. It’s my feeling that there’s much more Outside the Door than the Steam description implies It’s a trailer that’s disturbing, and the style of art features a cartoonish quality that is reminiscent of those olde visual novels from the PC-98 era. An enjoyable 1-2 hours of surrealist noir bureaucratic is precisely what you want often.

Turbo Kid

Steam page
Release: April 10
Developer: Outerminds Inc.

I’m not a fan of the retro-fassies of the 80s, but I’ll be a little tolerant of Turbo Kid, which wraps violent straight-to-VHS gimmicks into Metroidvania with a clever concept to wear. This idea is that In addition to navigating through the streets on foot, you are able to ride BMX. The result is a game featuring a variety of movements by combining the gunning and running of Contra and the close-quarters cutting in Dead Cells, and the quick-paced wheel trickery in OlliOlli and Trials. This makes me wish that I had an Steam Deck.

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