Monster Hunter Now 69.1 Updates: Leaks, Elder Dragon (new weapon), Layered armor and more.

Game Zone, Intuisi Blog – Uncovering details of the 69.1 upgrade, a Monster Hunter Now leak gave players a peek at monsters that may be added, as well as weapons and upcoming features.

While Monster Hunter Now gamers around the globe have their attention focused on the Lucky Lunar New Year event, it hasn’t prevented 69.1 leaks to appear online. While the Lucky Lunar New Year event is currently a focus for Monster Hunter Now players around the world, 69.1 leaks have been surfacing online.

Niantic might even add layers of armor to the game. This handy Monster Hunter Now 69.5 hub will help you to see what lies ahead.

Monster Hunter No. 69.1 Armor Sets

Niantic, as per a datamine that was published on the Monster Hunter NOW Hub Reddit pages will add four new armor sets into the game. The leak of the armor 69.1 also indicates that Kushala Daora will be the first Elder Dragon for Monster Hunter Now.

Kushala-Daora are known for their deadly wind attacks as well as its ability to spread Iceblight & Dragonblight. Also, there is a file for Devil Jho.

Here you can see all the leaked Monster Hunter Now 69.1 armor sets.

  • Deviljho
  • Kushala Daora
  • Odogaron
  • Coral Pukei-Pukei

You should take all Monster Hunter leaks with a large grain of salt, because they may change.

Monster Hunter Now 69.1 Weapon

Monster Hunter Now has revealed that Charge Blade weapon models have been deleted from the files of the game. An icon of this weapon was also discovered. Niantic could be gearing up to release a new weapon, the CB in the upcoming version of the game 69.1.

A Plaico encrypted armor file was also omitted, and the reason for this remained a mystery. The devs could have been referring to Palicos, as they’ve previously allowed Hunters to join forces with these furry cats in mainline titles.

Monster Hunter Now Layered Armor

Niantic’s Monster Hunter Now 69.1 leaked version also contained “references to layered armour,” confirming the notion that players will have the ability to customise their characters.

Uncertain is whether or not all sets come in a multi-layered version.

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