Kaspersky offers a free program which checks Linux for threats that are known to exist

Techno, Intuisi Blog – Kaspersky is releasing a brand new anti-virus tool called KVRT to the Linux platform. The tool allows users to run a scan of their computers to remove malware, as well as other security threats at no cost.

Security firm RSA acknowledges that, despite the widely-held belief of the belief that Linux systems are inherently protected from security threats however, there is an ever-growing number of “in nature” instances that show otherwise including an attack using the XZ Backdoor for Utils.


The Kaspersky new software is not an actual-time tool for protection against threats however it is a standalone scanner which will detect malware, adware and legitimate software that is used for purposeful harm, as well as others that have been identified as threats, and provide cleaning options.

Copies of malicious files that are deleted or disinfected are stored in a quarantine directory at ‘/var/opt/KVRT2024_Data/Quarantine’ (for root users) in a non-harmful form.

The program uses a constantly upgraded antivirus database to search all of the system for match-ups, however users have to download new versions every single time to keep up-to-date definitions.

“Our program can be used to scan the systems memory and the boot sector, startup objects as well as all the files within the operating system for malware. It is able to scan all file types, including archives,” says Kaspersky.

A thing to keep in mind is the fact that KVRT does not support 64-bit devices and needs an internet connection in order to perform.

Kaspersky has tested the program using the most the most popular Linux distributions and has confirmed that the tool works with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, SUSE, openSUSE as well as Debian, among others.

Although your system doesn’t appear on the list of supported operating systems There’s a high chance that KVRT can be used without issue and it’s not unwise try running one, Kaspersky says.

Utilizing KVRT

KVRT is available for download from here Once downloaded it is necessary to create the file executable, and then run it as root to maximize effectiveness.

KVRT can be run through the GUI (GUI) as well as the terminal as a command line program. Also, it can be utilized at lower runlevels (down to three) in which users could be trapped by malware infections.

When regular users run scans, the program doesn’t be granted the permissions needed to run scans on all directories as well as partitions on which malware could be hidden.

During initialization, the scanner is able to unpack the necessary files and puts them in an unnamed temporary directory in ‘/tmp’*/’.

Kaspersky provides detailed instructions for setting up the executable binary to run through the GUI and console. You can find them on this website.

Intuisi Blog is not a test of KVRT’s efficiency of KVRT, nor does it garantish the safety of KVRT Use this tool entirely at your own risk.

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