Google Targets SEO-Optimized Spam Pages and Junk Websites with New Update for Search

Techno, Intuisi Blog – Google has taken aim today at the SEO business, which has created a game of ranking search results in order to diminish the quality in Google Search results. Most often, people’s web requests for suggestions on product reviews, sales, discounts, and other deals are redirected to poor quality or spammy sites that do not provide the expert reviews or the useful deals that they advertise regardless of their top ranking. The situation is set to change now with the most recent update for search results from Google that the company announced.

The news came out on Tuesday, Google has announced an update to its search quality which is focused on improving the quality of search rankings of sites and change Google search’s policies on spam. For this latter case, Google’s revised guidelines will focus on the necessity to ensure that low-quality content is kept out from search results, such as “expired websites repurposed as spam repositories by new owners,” the company’s website states and also death-related spam.

Google New Update

In general, the new update aims to boost Google’s ranking algorithms to reduce the ranking of sites that were “created for search engines instead of for people,” the announcement from Google explains. These are websites with a bad user experience, or are apparently designed to be compatible with an extremely specific query are likely to be affected. Google claims that, through this change and previous initiatives that it can be capable of reducing low-quality and non-original content by up to 40%.

The blog entry on Google’s website fails to refer to the phrase “artificial intelligence” or “AI” in any way but it’s comprehensive article in Search Central does. Google’s blog post explains the effects this technology’s impact in the world of web browsing by stating the ways to create content on a scale typically rely on “automation.” Because of the advanced nature of these techniques there isn’t always a clear indication whether content was created by humans or if it was created using automation or whether there’s a mixture of both.

In contrast, Google says it will be focusing on the abuse that creates content on a massive scale to improve search engine rankings regardless of the way in which the website was made. The impact could be on websites which claim to provide solutions to the most popular queries however, they don’t provide anything of value to the customer.

Google informs us that the modifications to rankings will “directly address low-quality AI-generated content that’s designed to attract clicks, but that doesn’t add much original value,” according to spokesperson Jennifer Kutz. “The changes will also deal with different types of content such as content predominantly created by humans, however it doesn’t provide significant value to the consumers. The goal is to reduce the amount of content which don’t feel satisfying, or have no original content” she added. The new policy for reducing the amount of content that is abused is geared towards content made by humans, generated AI, or by other methods that are automated, Google noted.

Google’s new changes also target “site reputation abuse,” which refers to the situation where a website which typically has valuable information also hosts poor-quality material provided by third party sites that are hosted on their site trying to mislead users and rely upon the existing image of the site. Google offers a case of a website that is educational could also feature reviews of payday loans to get rank advantages, but it is possible to imagine for the many product review websites which don’t appear to perform real testing in person, but pretend to are doing it.

Google Issue

The issue was brought up by 404 Media who pointed out the recent German studies that showed Google’s Search quality was actually getting worse after analysing the results of thousands of searches during the entire year. The search marketers also agree to this conclusion, stating that the fraudsters had won. However, websites that are focused on niche areas, like House Fresh’s Air Purifier Review site is being harmed by increase in SEO spam that blocks out human-led, knowledgeable analysis of products. House Fresh posted “Google is killing independent sites like ours” in the blog post earlier this month. It explored how recommendations for products from major media outlets had a higher rank than its own reviews on Google and other search engines, even though they weren’t genuine reviews by an editorial team.

This update is also designed to combat outdated domain abuse that is designed to fool consumers into believing as to whether new content is the result of a previous site or the resold domains can be reused to promote poor-quality content as well as spam.

If Google is able to solve these issues by releasing a search quality upgrade and improves its search quality, it will have an impact on the way people perceive the value of Google Search which is something that many are becoming worried about as a result of AI technological advances. There is a decrease in clicks to their sites and new businesses, like Arc’s web browser and readers of news, are contemplating using AI to help them summarize their information, in order to reduce the amount of web visitors that keep publishers’ websites running.

Google announces it’s going to publish its policies two months ahead of enforcement, which is scheduled for May 5, in order to allow site owners the enough time to implement changes.

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