Jack Miller Describes The Ducati Bike Attributes Required For A Successful Battle


MotoGP, Intuisi Blog – Jack Miller provides an insightful look at the attributes required in a bike that can challenge Ducati’s dominance. Desmosedici is the clear winner of the last MotoGP Grid. The Italian manufacturer has eight riders in this year’s MotoGP grid.

They have to be flexible, despite KTM’s incredible advancement. Miller was asked about the influence of his feedback on KTM’s development last year to a longer bike with a higher seat height, similar to the Ducati.

You only need to look at a photograph of his bike from 2022 and compare it with the one he has in 2023, explains. They are virtually identical in terms of geometry if you stack them on top each other.

Jack Miller Describes The Ducati Bike Attributes

“Yes, there are components made to KTM standards, but we have to think about racing machines in 2023. It’s all about the aerodynamics. It is important to have the power to stop as quickly as possible. Three components make up the whole.

Turning is another issue, and our driving behaviour isn’t bad. The steering has never caused us any trouble. Miller was asked if he liked responsive bikes. He replied, “I do, and I’ve had a Honda bike in the previous.

It’s a problem: If you want a good motorcycle that will compete today against Ducati’s and eight other bikes, then something has to stand up to them.” Miller, who left the Ducati factory to join KTM in 2011, finished the MotoGP season 11th.

Brad Binder’s performance was superior to his own. Miller’s season came to an end when she crashed out in front of everyone at the Valencia grand prix. He said he would be better this year. It may not be reflected in the results, but each year I think I’m improving.

I am becoming stronger. “Each year, I physically and psychologically feel a difference in my approach, mentality, strategy, etc”.

“I am 28.” As we’re always looking for new things in this world, the best years are typically experienced between mid-20s and early 30s. “I’m feeling like the best of my life is still to come.”

“And maturity comes from the effort, strategy and work as a collective. “I’ve learned from my past mistakes.” This is what you can learn from your mistakes and apply to becoming a more positive person.

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