Honkai: Star Rail Leak Reveals Version 2.1 Reruns

Game Zone, Intuisi Blog – The character reruns are revealed in a Honkai Star Rail leak. It will feature the Penacony storyline from Star Rail, in which the Trailblazers learn the secrets of Planet of Festivities.

Star Rail Version 2 added a number of new characters. Some of which were hinted to be future playables. Warp’s banner for this version includes Black Swan along with Jing Yuan reruns, four-star Misha and Imbibitor Lunae. Many players will be able to expect new banners and reruns as the Penacony’s story continues.

The next Honkai Star Rail update is due in less than a month. A number of leakers revealed there would be reruns featuring five-star characters Fu Xuan, and Topaz. Twitter user RianBeatergod02 stated that Fu Xuan and Topaz will both be with Acheron’s first phase. Numby and Topaz will then be joining Aventurine for their second phase. Star Rail hasn’t yet confirmed the scheduled reruns and the information could be changed.

Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.1 Rumored Character Rerun Schedule

  • First stage: Acheron, Nihility (Lightning) and Fu Xuan, Quantum, Preservation
  • Second stage: Aventurine, Topaz, Numby, (Imaginary, Preserve)

A number of Star Rail players expressed their excitement in social media by saying they could not wait to cheer for Fu Xuan or Topaz along with Acheron or Aventurine. Some players have expressed their confusion over which five star character to pick. Version 2.1’s banner also features a 4-star healer Gallagher.

Originally introduced in Honkai Star Rail v1.3, Fu Xuan gained popularity among players thanks to her shielding and absorbing damage abilities. Topaz’s DPS and the ability to use her Warp Trotter Numby as an assistant made her a favorite. Both characters are viable additions to many Honkai: Star Rail team comps, especially all-Quantum and high damage teams, which can be helpful when facing Penacony’s enemies and bosses.

ThePenacony arc, which concludes the current story arc in Honkai Star Rail , has received a positive response from players. Now they eagerly await the next installment to find out how the factions of the game will influence the story.

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