AFC Prediction for Indonesia vs South Korea U23, April 26


Bola, Intuisiblog – Prediction for Indonesian U-23 National Team will play against the South Korean U-23 National Team in the quarterfinals of the 2024 U-23 Asian Cup at the Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium, Doha this Thursday (26/4/2024) beginning at 00.30 WIB.

Indonesia is looking to make history after having previously been able to break records by getting into the group stage of the Asian Cup U-23.

To reach the finals of the 2024 U-23 Asian Cup, Indonesia was crowned runner-up in Group A following the securing of six points in three matches that were played.

Following a devastating loss against Qatar in the final score of 0-2. The Garuda Muda Squad was able to bounce back and win against Australia 1-1 as well as Jordan 4-1.

In the lead up to facing South Korea, Indonesia is expected to play at a difficult game. But, the Garuda Muda soldiers of course would like to build a new historical record.

Line-up predictions of the Indonesia U-23 National Team vs South Korea U-23 National Team:

Indonesia will likely return to a 3-3-2 formation like Shin Tae-yong used to play in the previous games.

Ernando Ari Sutaryadi is set to take the goalkeeper’s spot, and the three defense players are Rizky Ridho, Muhammad Ferrari and Justin Hubner.

The wingback positions are occupied by Fajar Faturrahman as well as Pratama Arhan. The midfielder tandem will be held by Nathan Tjoe A-On along with Ivar Jenner. The trio of frontline players is comprised of Witan Sulaeman Rafael Struick and Marselino Ferdinan.

Indonesia could also play the sharp striker Ramadhan Santa after he was released from the red card he was handed during a game against Qatar.

Then, Hwang Sun-hong will be likely to play a 4-3-3 formation against Indonesia using Goalkeeper Kim Jeong Hoon.

They are the four South Korean defenders are expected to be supplanted by Hwang Jae-won Seo Myung-gwan Byun Joon-soo, Lee Tae Seok.

Following, the three midfielders comprise of Paik Sang-hoon and Kim Min-woo Kang Sang-yoon. Then the three forward players are Eom J. Sung. Kang Seong Jin; Lee Young-joon.

Indonesia (3-4-3): Ernando Ari; Rizky Ridho, Muhammad Ferrari, Justin Hubner; Fajar Faturrahman, Nathan Tjoe-A-On, Ivar Jenner, Pratama Arhan; Witan Sulaeman, Rafael Struick, Marselino Ferdinand.

Coach: Shin Tae-yong (South Korea)

South Korea (4-3-3): Kim Jeong-hoon; Hwang Jae-won, Seo Myung-gwan, Byun Joon-soo, Lee Tae-seok; Paik Sang-hoon, Kim Min-woo, Kang Sang-yoon; Eom Ji-sung, Kang Seong-jin; Lee Young-joon.

Coach: Hwang Sun-hong (South Korea).

Prediction Score Indonesia 1 vs 1 South Korea

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