How To Set Up Your Palworld Base

Game Zone, Intuisi Blog – Palworld is a game where you will start by setting up your own base. It’s important to get your layout and location correct as you will build your base up throughout the whole game.

Choose A Flat Area For Your Palworld Base

Palboxes are placed on a flat surface and surrounded by a large, blue circle. This area is where your base can be built. It is important that this area be clear of all obstacles such as water, hills, and cliffs. Space is important for all the buildings and structures you may want to build. Some of these can be large.

Pals will often get stuck in the middle of your base while working. This can lead to them becoming tired and hungry. Your base will be less likely to get stuck if it is more organized.

Include Harvestable Resources Nearby

Pals will gather harvestable resources such as wood, Paldium, ore and stone if they are within the radius of your base. To progress in the game, you will need a large amount of resources. It is therefore advisable that you start collecting these passively as soon as possible.

Building a Vixy Ranch

Palworld Technology’s level five unlocks the Ranch. Any Pal with the Farming skill can be sent to the Ranch. Each Pal will bring back items unique to that species. Chikipi brings eggs while Mozzarina delivers milk. Vixy however, is most useful. Vixy is a Pal who drops Pal Spheres as well as Arrows. They are very useful in catching Pals.

Put Feeding Boxes and Chests near Workstations

If you have pals with the transporting ability, they will help carry your dropped or harvested materials to nearby chests. You can save time by placing chests next to workstations where materials are output. Make sure each station is near a feed box so Pals won’t need to travel far when they want a meal break.

Upgrade to Stone As Soon as You Can

It is inevitable that your base’s Pals will become the targets of attacks. Groups of Pals (or other enemies) may spawn into your base and attack Pals. Pals that use fire or explosive attacks on your base could ignite it. As fire can spread very quickly, you are likely to lose everything attached to that burning structure.

You can now unlock this set at Level 18.

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