Aespa Karina’s Beauty Can’t Be Ignored, Madison Square Garden Even Caught Looking

Intuisi Blog – Karina of Aespa is a beautiful girl who has become a leading member of this new generation of girl bands. Karina’s beauty has officially made it to the United States. She was featured in an unexpected place.

Four members of aespa were performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. They dazzled both the crowd and viewers.

While the girls returned to South Korea soon after the parade, they seemed to have enjoyed their time in New York. Karina was revealed to have attended the New York Knicks game in the Madison Square Garden. Her attendance was even highlighted by the NBA!

Aespa Karina at Madison Square

Unknown netizen posted a clip showing the Madison Square Garden jumbotron. The clip shows three females who are excitedly waving their hands in the air when they realize that they’re on screen.

Karina, aespa member, was one of three women on the jumbotron. The aespa girl looked carefree with two friends in her suite as she displayed her amazing visuals. She wore simple makeup, and a cute bun.

Karina could not help showing off her excitement when she saw her and her Knicks friends featured on the jumbotron. Look at that big, happy smile!

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