A 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Japan Warning of a Tsunami

Viral News, Intuisi BlogTsunami strikes Japan with 21 earthquakes that exceed 4 magnitude in just 90 minutes. The residents were warned to evacuate. Japan Monday night was hit by Tsunami waves in the wake of an earthquake that measured 7.4 as reported by Reuters in a report by the public radio station NHK. The Tsunami that measured 1.2 meters was found to have hit Wajima city within the Ishikawa prefecture. Japan was struck by 21 earthquakes that were greater than magnitude 4 within just 90 minutes.

The tsunami was much larger at five metres is expected to strike Noto within the same area, AFP reported, quoting the Japan Meterological Agency (JMA) However, officials later reduced the risk to tsunami alert” in the area.

It’s the first time that a tsunami warning of this magnitude was declared since the 11th of March in 2011, after a massive magnitude earthquake and tsunami struck the northeastern region of Japan and killed more than 20000 people, destroying cities and sparking meltdowns of nuclear power in Fukushima.

The earthquake caused warnings to the residents to evacuate. It knocked out electricity to thousands of houses and disrupted flight and railway services for the regions.

Japan Warning of a Tsunami

The JMA stated that the Noto region on the Sea of Japan side of Honshu, the main island of Japan. Honshu witnessed a fast sequence of quakes that began with the 5.7 magnitude earthquake at around 4:06 midnight local time.

In the wake of the disaster that struck Japan, in response to the earthquake, Japan Meteorological Agency had promptly released a tsunami advisory for the coastal areas of Ishikawa, Niigata, and Toyama prefectures. The alert highlights the possibility of effects of the earthquake in those areas and advises people to be vigilant and shift towards higher ground in order to guarantee their security.

Following the tsunami, Niigata Prefecture experienced a 40 centimeter tsunami. This was reported by the local authorities. Japan has issued an additional earthquake alert specifically targeted at Ishikawa Prefecture.

Premier Minister Kishida made a clear call to residents of the region, informing the residents to immediately evacuate. The earthquake is raising concerns over dangers that could be posed, requiring urgent action to ensure the security of those living in the areas affected.

The South Korean meteorological agency declared on Monday that the level of sea in certain areas within the Gangwon province along the eastern coast could rise even more after a the 45-cm tsunami that struck the coastline.

After the seismic shift that occurred within Japan, Hokuriku Electric Power Company has reported power failures impacting more than 36,000 households. The earthquake affected electricity services, which highlights the challenges that are immediate for people living in affected areas.

The Traffic Authority has declared the closing of key roads near to the center of the crisis. The decision to block the vital routes of transportation is to evaluate and deal with the possibility of damage.

As a positive note there haven’t been any abnormalities discovered at nuclear facilities within the affected areas of the earthquake to date following a string of large earthquakes struck central Japan the country, a spokesperson for the government stated.

“It is confirmed that there is no anomaly at Shika the nuclear power station (in Ishikawa) and other stations, as of right now.” the government spokesperson Yoshimasa Hayashi stated.

A spokesperson of the Japan Meteorological Agency emphasized the importance of being alert for large-scale earthquakes that could occur in the coming week, stating that the earthquake is increasing the danger of forest fires as well as landslides that could occur in the area affected.

Japan has shut down high speed train services from Ishikawa and telecom operators Softbank and KDDI have reported internet and phone interruptions to services in a variety of locations.

Japanese airline ANA stopped four aircrafts heading to airports located in Toyama and Ishikawa in midair following the earthquake and tsunami, while Japan Airlines cancelled most of the flights that fly towards Niigata and Ishikawa areas for the remainder of the day, as per the TV Asahi.

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